Deep Direct-Use Feasibility Study Reservoir Productivity Uncertainty Analysis for the Tuscarora Sandstone, Morgantown, WV

Friday, January 31, 2020 10:43 am

This dataset contains figures that summarize the Tuscarora Sandstone core permeability data collected from the Preston 119 well in Preston County, WV, and summary results of a stochastic analysis that was used to estimate reservoir productivity for the currently unexplored Tuscarora Sandstone below Morgantown, West Virginia. Uncertainties in reservoir productivity considered the thickness of the reservoir, rock permeability, and fluid viscosity. A Monte Carlo analysis of these uncertain properties was used to predict reservoir flow productivity for the case of a matrix-dominated reservoir, and a fracture-dominated reservoir. These results are summarized in figures, spreadsheets, and maps. Contains figures illustrating the permeability data collected from core measurements sampled from the Preston 119 well in Preston County, WV. Raw air permeability-depth data were provided by the West Virginia Geologic and Economic Survey (WVGES)