Developing custom NGDS applications

Built on the U.S. Geoscience Information Network, the National Geothermal Data System allows for the development of applications by third-parties. Code for the NGDS is stored on the USGIN GitHub repository and through the developer’s forum at the USGIN Lab.

Creating Applications for use with NGDS

Open-source applications are being created daily for viewing and exploring data provided by Web Services. This is due to the vast amount of data accessible by Web Services, particularly when services are OGC-Compliant, making for a system of interoperable data.

To join a community of developers and to see how applications are being developed and used to implement NGDS, visit the Tools, Community and Group pages of the GitHub or USGIN Lab:

Apps Developed for NGDS

Due to the NGDS open standards and protocols developers are able to customize applications for accessing and displaying NGDS data. The following applications were developed specifically for the NGDS:

  • ArcMap Catalog Search Plug-in—this application allows you to access the NGDS catalog services to locate WMS services that can be added as layers in an ArcMap (v10) project directly from ArcMap.
  • Catalog Search and Map Interface—this application gives the user direct access to search for Web Map Services found in the NGDS catalog from within ArcMap and allows the services to be added as layers in a working map.
  • NGDS Data Explorer—this application allows you to search, preview, and extract data from WFS in a tabular form.